Prewedding Shoot

Central Coast Engagement Shoot: Ben & Sara Jane

Wangi Wangi is not a place I have previously visited or heard of in all honestly but when Sara Jane asked if we could do her pre-wedding shoot there I was more than happy to say yes!

As someone who has his adventurous stats on max the thought of shooting somewhere new excites me. The added benefit is if it is somewhere special to the couple, they are often more comfortable and able to draw on familiar sense memories which add to the impact of images.

Ben is a towering gentle giant who exudes friendliness. Sara Jane is confident yet down to Earth and utterly lovely. They made for great company and tour guides as we explored their old stomping grounds and made these images.

Hopefully I managed to capture the love these two share and the beauty of this little gem that is Wangi Wangi

Engagement Shoot: James + Zara

I had the pleasure of photographing James and Zara after some discussion they agreed to coming on a little adventure with me.

It's far too easy to shoot the same city based locations and a snore for me frankly. Lucky for me James and Zara have wild hearts too. So where better to capture the love they share than in the embrace of nature.

So one lovely Sunday we took a little a trip down the coast and found a few less worn paths and followed them. We saw waterfalls, seascapes and lush once abandoned hideaways. 

What you see below are snippets of our wonderful day and hopefully memories Zara and James will treasure.

Sydney Pre-Wedding Shoot: Nadav + Stephanie

I'm not sure Stephanie and Nadav were aware of what they had agreed to when I suggested we head up to the Blue Mountains to shoot. I love the getting up to the mountains and thought they would make a magnificent backdrop for some engagement shots. Luckily though these two are adventurous souls or just my kind of crazy. So adventurous are they that instead of meeting me where we had planned they had wandered off on their own food adventure and I found them at this beautiful open house style cafe.

Either way they bravely accepted my suggestions and off into the mountains we headed. After a week of heavy rain the weather broke and the sun came out to play. What we failed to account for was the muddy paths that resulted.

Nadav + Stephanie-19.jpg

Like the troopers they are though they happily plowed through as we joked about it being some sort of relationship boot camp, "If they could survive this, the marriage portion would be no issue" This is the kind of positive thinking I love! Hahaha!

While the locations were nothing short of gorgeous I think its Nadav and Stephanie that make these photos. What they share just shines through bring life, warmth and love to every image. I hope that upon seeing these images they agree that it was definitely worth the adventure.

Sydney Pre Wedding Photography: Dan + Sam

Love finds you unexpectedly and for Sam that was definitely the case. What is usually the mundane and painstaking task of house hunting would lead her to find more than just a place to call home.

It was inevitable that Dan, in such close proximity would fall victim to Sam’s charms and that’s exactly what happened. Spending so much time with each other, something special blossomed between them. Dinners at home together, became dates out on the town.

So here they find themselves, wandering Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park to stand in front of my camera. It was lovely hanging out with these two and creating these images for them.

Sydney Pre Wedding Photography: Lia + Ken

Ken moved to Melbourne from Sydney several years ago for work. Little did he know fate was just steering him towards his future.

This time he returns to Sydney with the lovely Lia in tow and I had the great opportunity to shoot with them. They came up to Sydney specifically to shoot in the city Ken had spent so many of his formative years, that, and to eat all the foods he missed.

Ken is dressed in a nicely fitted navy Politix suit, the Hermes classic “H” belt sits snugly around his waist. A look that matches perfectly with his confident and well spoken demeanor. Lia is in a light pink silk dress, the first of four dresses, and a pair of Christian Louboutin’s adorn her feet. Looking just as stylish as her counterpart.

Just from appearances you would never guess they had hidden away such over the top wild personalities, especially Lia. It didn’t take long for that side to come out and it made the day a lot more relaxed and fun. Which helps a lot when its a full day of shooting ahead and boy was it a whirlwind.

4 dresses and 6 locations later these images are the result of what was an epic day. Hopefully I managed to capture to some degree the quirky relationship they share.