Newcastle Wedding

Newcastle Wedding Photography: Ben + Sara Jane

We had honor not too long ago of capturing Ben and Sara Jane's special day. With clouds looming on the horizon the day before we did our sun salutations and prayed it would show up for the big day.

We were pleasantly greeted by the sun on our drive up and arrived to a house in full morning prep swing with the lovely Sara Jane already rocking her dress looking like she was ready for the Met Ball.

We were promptly whisked away to our destination in plush comfort of a stretched hummer ready to rock that ceremony. 

The boys looked quite relaxed as I imagine they had a comparatively mellow morning smiling and joking among themselves. Ben unrecognizable to me as the last time I had seen him he was sporting quite the beard.

With what seemingly was one of the quickest ceremonies I have every seen performed by the wonderfully entertaining and jolly Sue Cutts, the couple received their congratulatory hugs and kisses and the bridal party headed off to tear up the Newcastle surrounds with what can only be described as immense modelling prowess.

After doing their modelling thang we returned to the reception venue and let the festivities kick off as this crew were ready to party.

It was a wonderful day spent in the company of Ben and Sara Jane and their lovely friends and family. I had the pleasure of meeting Sara Jane's grandparents who have been together 60 plus year together despite her nan once being wooed by Nat King Cole himself... Unforgettable indeed and what a stellar role model by which to follow!!! I hope you enjoy these images as much as we did in making them. Have a lovely weekend.

Sydney Wedding Photography: Dan + Sam

It was a surprise proposal on a beach in Bali that has lead us to this wonderful day. Dan asked Sam to share her future with him and she joyfully accepted.

I arrived to a house that is calm as Sam feeds her chickens, yes chickens, who wander the front yard. I am more use to pandemonium as people rush around getting ready and trying to force some food down where possible.

This was pretty much was the pace of the entire day which is something I should’ve expected as it is a reflection of the couple themselves. Sam and Dan are both super chilled people. Very easy going and definitely down to earth.

They enjoy camping, fishing and few things are more appealing than an open buffet! My kind of people. Our location shots took us on a short tour of Newcastle and feature wonderfully in the images.

The reception was held at Dixon Park Surf Club so the story, much like their wedding bands, go full circle from sand to sand and surrounded by family and friends they celebrated the day well into the night.