Sydney Wedding: Ghati + Paul

Ghati and Paul are two peas in a pod. They get on so well you would assume they've known each other forever. Both of them are full of life and such warm loving people which made spending the day with them so much fun.

With Ghati's family and friends flying in from overseas to join her on the day, the days preceeding were quite "busy" as she put it so we were unsure as to what to expect when we turned up. Preparation and prior planning it seems was a skill set that served her well as when we arrived all was calm in the house and not at all the busy bee hive I was envisioning. It was a leisurely pace that would set the mood for the rest of the day.

The ceremony took place at St Joseph's Catholic Church and then we went on to  Glebe Point for location pictures in the period we had before the party aka reception was meant to kick off.

Fun would be the best way to describe the reception. From one of the best MC's I've ever encountered to hilarious speeches that would put some stand up comedians to shame. When the music started the dancing was next level and so was the energy with little to no space left on the dance floor which is how it should be.

I can only hope these images capture some of the life and emotions shared throughout the day and do justice to the wonderful people who made this day so special.