Sydney Baby Photography: Ethan's 1st Birthday

Much like Ethan's dad, he has a need, a need for speed. So much so that he could not wait the usual 9 months it usually takes, eager it seems to meet his dad on the race track. A year on and he still isn't slowing down, be it in his Ferrari walker, crawling on the floor or polishing off his food. Everything the Ethan does is pedal to the floor. 

The same can be said about the speed at which he won his parents' hearts and everyone fortunate enough to meet him.  What you notice is Ethan is surrounded by love, his grand parents especially who all hover over him to entertain him as he eats. Definitely a little prince.

It was nice being able to be part of his day and being witness to all the love and laughter. Hope these images go so way to preserving the memories.