Sydney Pre-Wedding Shoot: Nadav + Stephanie

I'm not sure Stephanie and Nadav were aware of what they had agreed to when I suggested we head up to the Blue Mountains to shoot. I love the getting up to the mountains and thought they would make a magnificent backdrop for some engagement shots. Luckily though these two are adventurous souls or just my kind of crazy. So adventurous are they that instead of meeting me where we had planned they had wandered off on their own food adventure and I found them at this beautiful open house style cafe.

Either way they bravely accepted my suggestions and off into the mountains we headed. After a week of heavy rain the weather broke and the sun came out to play. What we failed to account for was the muddy paths that resulted.

Nadav + Stephanie-19.jpg

Like the troopers they are though they happily plowed through as we joked about it being some sort of relationship boot camp, "If they could survive this, the marriage portion would be no issue" This is the kind of positive thinking I love! Hahaha!

While the locations were nothing short of gorgeous I think its Nadav and Stephanie that make these photos. What they share just shines through bring life, warmth and love to every image. I hope that upon seeing these images they agree that it was definitely worth the adventure.