Sydney Wedding Photography: Joanne + Rakhim

Everyone loves a happy ending, but for these two familiar faces I think don’t think it’s an end but rather the next chapter of a wonderful story together. Their wedding together being the perfect opening scene to this chapter.

Rakhim is amazingly entertaining and is definitely never short of a humorous story to share. He’s the first to point out the fact that he is from Kazakhstan and it is the punch line to many of his jokes but he is a lot more than he makes out or would have you think. Obviously wildly intelligent with such a wit, but also warm and loving and there is no doubt of this when you see him with Joanna.

Joanna is elegant and exudes nothing but class. She loves a good laugh and is one of the most nicest people you could possibly meet. They bounce off each other so well and when they’re together they are nothing but smiles.

Their wedding took place at the historic Vaucluse House in Sydney’s North. The location was stunning and suited this close gathering perfectly. The ceremony was held in the garden and started soon after Joanne arrived in a bright red Mustang, a car Rakhim has always had a soft spot for. Her father led her down the aisle where Rakhim was waiting, I even managed to spy a glimpse of a tear, though he more than likely will never admit it. The reception was held in the Tea room and the food was exquisite to say the least. Oh and that croquembouche was as delicious as it looked, my now widened waistline will attest to that.

Joanna and Rakhim have a lot of what I think most relationships lack, that other important L word besides love. Laughter. Life is meant to be enjoyed whole heartedly and I thank them for reminding me of that fact.