Sydney Wedding Photography: Hai + Rina

Shooting the actual wedding day brings with it a unique sense of excitement for me. Its the culmination of months (if not years) of planning coming to fruition, and I become emotionally invested in its success for these people I now see more as friends.

So, 500 guests. WHAT? I hear you say in utter amazement. Yes, this is easily the largest wedding I have ever had the pleasure of shooting, so straight from the outset it was quite unique. Lets look at that word, U-N-I-Q-U-E, this also perfectly describes the rag tag group of characters who made up the bridal party.

People often wonder how it is possible to shoot for 12+ hrs on a wedding day, the simple answer is the people I spend the day with. This bunch had me laughing so hard with their jokes and antics, the time just flew by. A reenactment of the scene from Lady And The Tramp involving a jelly snake and two of the groomsmen will forever be etched in my mind. FOR BETTER OR WORSE.

Hai and Rina looked superb in their wedding attire and were much more at ease surrounded by good friends and family. The joy shared by everyone was infectious and I think translated well to the images. With the bridal party in tow. convincing them to play it up in front of the camera was no trouble at all, not that there was much trouble before with these two.

Watching them together is something else, the way their personalities interact is purely hysterical and yet in a quirky way, beautiful. In Rina, I am sure without doubt, Hai has found a love far greater than the love he has for the ever elusive KFC Hot’N’Spicy when first back in season.