Sydney Wedding Photography: Anita + Greg

I’m use to long elaborate pre-wedding shoots, you know the kind, several different outfits and just as many locations. It’s where I got my first taste of the whole wedding photography thing, shooting Indonesian pre-wedding clients with Donny Kurniawan of Portrait The Wedding, a giant in the highly competitive Indonesian market.

So when Anita presented the challenge of 6 outfits in one of the most loved locations for Sydney Wedding photographers, I thought, why the heck not? How hard could it be right? If the photos are anything to go by, I think I didn’t do so bad considering I also got to play the role of baby sitter to gorgeous little Michael as well.

Anita and Greg made the day incredibly easy they and were definitely fun to work with. It’s rather effortless when the couple are so expressive of what they share. Between Greg and Anita, you can just see it so clearly. Not that the beautiful Vera Wang gown was easy to out shine mind you.

Nothing puts more of a dampener on the mood of a wedding than rain. The week leading up to Anita and Greg’s wedding day Sydney was experiencing some particularly terrible rain, we all were worried that the day would be rained out too.

I definitely should’ve known better though, of course the lady who pulled off the epic six outfit pre-wedding would have some more tricks up her sleeve. I’m not sure what connections Anita has but come the wedding day the clouds parted and the sun shined as bright as any summer’s day as if by some divine miracle.

We first met over some delicious Vietnamese food at a restaurant close by. Anita is stylish, classy, beautiful and possesses a wonderful sense of humor. Greg is charming, dashing and exudes a James Bond like air of cool. Together they are like pepperoni on pizza, the perfect combination.

I am truly honored to have been a part of their day and hope these photos serve them well down the line when they show their kids and grand children their special day.