Sydney Wedding Photography: Alex + Justin

The moment before you knock on the door at the bride’s house on the morning of the wedding is quite an anxious one. You have no idea what understandable mayhem and chaos awaits you on the other side of the door. Stress, nerves and lack of sleep can make for volatile situations you see.

My anxiousness was unfounded of course. The brides younger sister answered the door in her pajamas and instantly I knew the mood of the place was quite chilled. Makeup was under way and everyone was enjoying a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs, freshly being churned out in roll form, from the kitchen.

Alex’s smile was beaming as she was being tended to by super talented makeup artist Tamara.  In her designer white lace gown she looked simply stunning and timeless and the bridesmaids complimented her well in their light pastel Alanah Hill dresses.

Justin’s impressive frame was wrapped in a beautifully tailored charcoal suit. Despite being quite tall and intimidating looking, he is a gentle giant and is immensely down to earth and ever so softly spoken.

It’s hard not to enjoy what I do when I get to spend the day with such lovely people. The bridal party was fun, full of jokes and laughter, its really unfair to call it work at all but hey some body has to do it right 

Enough from me though, these pictures tell the story of the day far better than I do in words. Hope you enjoy them!