Sydney Pre Wedding Photography: Hai + Rina

Recently I spent a wonderful Saturday with these two lovely human beings, photographing their engagement session. If their was proof that opposites attract, Hai and Rina are definitely a solid example of this fact. Rina likes her gps, has it in a pouch and everything, Hai on the other hand loves to scream out “wing it” as he drives off in no direction in particular. Perfectly demonstrating how order and chaos works hand in hand. Rina comes across as calm and composed, her other half on the other hand recounted a story about his pursuit of KFC as it first came back in to season which left our entire car in stitches. Someone most people would describe as “a real character”.

These qualities that define them as individuals, is also what makes them work so well together. Rina is the calm to Hai’s raging storm, the angel on his shoulder and Hai brings that excitement to life we all need. The child like sense of wonder and fun.

As to be expected they were quite nervous about being in front of the camera, but I’d be lying if I said I had any part in getting them to relax. They carried each other through the experience. Rina took the lead, making sure Hai had his best modelling face on, while Hai kept it lighthearted and fun. I think the pictures speak for themselves and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did while spending time with Hai and Rina, making them.