Sydney Pre Wedding Photography: Damien + Thanh


It’s great for me when clients have a clear idea of the kind of images they want to create with me. Ideally what they are after falls in line with my style of wedding photography and offers me a challenge. So when Damien came to me with the idea for a sunrise shoot with his fiance Thanh I was more than eager to take on the challenge.

The day started off with an early rise for us at 4am, allowing enough time to get Thanh’s make up done and get to the beach on time. Unfortunately for us the make up artist was working to a different time schedule and the clock was quickly counting down to sunrise. Damien was quite worried as this was the main highlight for the days shoot and the very thing the day was planned around.

When Thanh did eventually pop out from the clutches of the MUA, Damiens skilled driving and navigation got us to Tamarama Beach just in time. It was a frantic rush to get the gear out and head down to the sand.

I think you’ll agree, Damien’s idea was well worth or the planning and effort we put in together as a group to make it happen. These would have to be some of my favourite images.

Even with all the mayhem of the morning Damien and Thanh remained calm and quite up beat. This is just the kind of people they are. Damien I swear is the reincarnation of Ghandi, so calm and relaxed was he when it looked like we would not make that this would have to be the case. Thanh about the friendliest person you could meet, softly spoken with a very relaxed sense of humour. She is quite petite, especially next to Damien who would tower over most people. Definitely a friendly giant though and quite funny too providing many moments of laughter throughout the day. I’m lucky and there is no arguing it!

After a long day of shooting Damien and Thanh definitely deserved to kick off their shoes. It was definitely a pleasure spending the day with them. They remind me why I love doing this =)