Every story has a beginning, this is mine.

I’m definitely by no means a story teller. Mastering words was never my forte, hence the major lean towards the Visual Arts in my formative years. I was always the kid who sat down with a piece of paper with a myriad of coloured pencils at my disposal, lost in my own little world while other kids were enjoying the novelty of building blocks and whatever else they provide the little ones to keep them occupied during primary school. High school came and every year spent there ,Visual Arts had its own blocked out time slots on my weekly schedule. Needless to say I’ve always been quite a visual person, steering towards the creative side of things. So this is all quite unnatural for me, but here it is, my story.

After completing an Industrial Design degree at university, I found myself in a nice cushy design job. Things were going well and I was achieving the goals I had set for myself, career wise, quite quickly. A bit too quickly in hindsight. The monotony of my daily routine and extended 3 month period of re-branding funeral homes culminated in me resigning after they threw a fellow designer under the bus on a job that was botched by middle management.

Jobless and no longer with any decisive road to follow I decided it was the perfect opportunity to head to South East Asia to do a little soul searching and connecting with my roots. Little did I know this adventure would be highly trans-formative in two huge ways.

The funny thing about backpacking by yourself is that it pushes you well beyond whatever previously defined boundaries of comfort you had. At that point I would’ve described myself as more introverted but I quickly learned that it did not work well in combination with meeting new people. I found myself liking that rush of stepping beyond my comfort zone and just talking and getting to know fellow adventurers.

The other side affect of spending my days immersed in some of the most beautiful landscapes mother nature has to offer was realizing I didn’t want to work just behind a computer anymore. I wanted to be out in the world, interacting and making real connections with people. To be apart of life not watch it longingly from behind a screen.

Back from South East Asia, I found myself back in a place that didn’t seem so familiar anymore, unemployed now with no cushy design job as a security blanket. My future was less than mapped. Call it good fortune or sheer luck, a friend passed my name on to a friend of hers who recommended me to an Indonesian photographer who was looking for a second shooter to help him with pre-wedding shoots while he was here. I got in contact with the photographer and he set me an assignment to help him gauge whether or not I had what it took to second shoot for him. Things went well and I was given a great opportunity.

Anyway this is pretty much where it started for me and I hope it allows you to see me for more than just a face shrouded behind a camera.