Engagement Shoot: James + Zara

I had the pleasure of photographing James and Zara after some discussion they agreed to coming on a little adventure with me.

It's far too easy to shoot the same city based locations and a snore for me frankly. Lucky for me James and Zara have wild hearts too. So where better to capture the love they share than in the embrace of nature.

So one lovely Sunday we took a little a trip down the coast and found a few less worn paths and followed them. We saw waterfalls, seascapes and lush once abandoned hideaways. 

What you see below are snippets of our wonderful day and hopefully memories Zara and James will treasure.

Sydney Wedding: Ghati + Paul

Ghati and Paul are two peas in a pod. They get on so well you would assume they've known each other forever. Both of them are full of life and such warm loving people which made spending the day with them so much fun.

With Ghati's family and friends flying in from overseas to join her on the day, the days preceeding were quite "busy" as she put it so we were unsure as to what to expect when we turned up. Preparation and prior planning it seems was a skill set that served her well as when we arrived all was calm in the house and not at all the busy bee hive I was envisioning. It was a leisurely pace that would set the mood for the rest of the day.

The ceremony took place at St Joseph's Catholic Church and then we went on to  Glebe Point for location pictures in the period we had before the party aka reception was meant to kick off.

Fun would be the best way to describe the reception. From one of the best MC's I've ever encountered to hilarious speeches that would put some stand up comedians to shame. When the music started the dancing was next level and so was the energy with little to no space left on the dance floor which is how it should be.

I can only hope these images capture some of the life and emotions shared throughout the day and do justice to the wonderful people who made this day so special.

Sydney Baby Photography: Ethan's 1st Birthday

Much like Ethan's dad, he has a need, a need for speed. So much so that he could not wait the usual 9 months it usually takes, eager it seems to meet his dad on the race track. A year on and he still isn't slowing down, be it in his Ferrari walker, crawling on the floor or polishing off his food. Everything the Ethan does is pedal to the floor. 

The same can be said about the speed at which he won his parents' hearts and everyone fortunate enough to meet him.  What you notice is Ethan is surrounded by love, his grand parents especially who all hover over him to entertain him as he eats. Definitely a little prince.

It was nice being able to be part of his day and being witness to all the love and laughter. Hope these images go so way to preserving the memories.


Brisbane Family Photography Session

While up in Brisbane early last month I had the pleasure of doing a short little family portrait session with My, David and their two little gems.

We took a stroll around South Bank, an area developed to be obviously family friendly with playground equipment and great eats near by nestled right along the river. The place looked like a high end resort in some tropical location and made a lovely back drop for the photos.

It was lovely hanging out with them and having them show me Brisbane. A city I do intend to revisit soon.

Sydney Pre-Wedding Shoot: Nadav + Stephanie

I'm not sure Stephanie and Nadav were aware of what they had agreed to when I suggested we head up to the Blue Mountains to shoot. I love the getting up to the mountains and thought they would make a magnificent backdrop for some engagement shots. Luckily though these two are adventurous souls or just my kind of crazy. So adventurous are they that instead of meeting me where we had planned they had wandered off on their own food adventure and I found them at this beautiful open house style cafe.

Either way they bravely accepted my suggestions and off into the mountains we headed. After a week of heavy rain the weather broke and the sun came out to play. What we failed to account for was the muddy paths that resulted.

Nadav + Stephanie-19.jpg

Like the troopers they are though they happily plowed through as we joked about it being some sort of relationship boot camp, "If they could survive this, the marriage portion would be no issue" This is the kind of positive thinking I love! Hahaha!

While the locations were nothing short of gorgeous I think its Nadav and Stephanie that make these photos. What they share just shines through bring life, warmth and love to every image. I hope that upon seeing these images they agree that it was definitely worth the adventure.