Newcastle Wedding Photography: Ben + Sara Jane

We had honor not too long ago of capturing Ben and Sara Jane's special day. With clouds looming on the horizon the day before we did our sun salutations and prayed it would show up for the big day.

We were pleasantly greeted by the sun on our drive up and arrived to a house in full morning prep swing with the lovely Sara Jane already rocking her dress looking like she was ready for the Met Ball.

We were promptly whisked away to our destination in plush comfort of a stretched hummer ready to rock that ceremony. 

The boys looked quite relaxed as I imagine they had a comparatively mellow morning smiling and joking among themselves. Ben unrecognizable to me as the last time I had seen him he was sporting quite the beard.

With what seemingly was one of the quickest ceremonies I have every seen performed by the wonderfully entertaining and jolly Sue Cutts, the couple received their congratulatory hugs and kisses and the bridal party headed off to tear up the Newcastle surrounds with what can only be described as immense modelling prowess.

After doing their modelling thang we returned to the reception venue and let the festivities kick off as this crew were ready to party.

It was a wonderful day spent in the company of Ben and Sara Jane and their lovely friends and family. I had the pleasure of meeting Sara Jane's grandparents who have been together 60 plus year together despite her nan once being wooed by Nat King Cole himself... Unforgettable indeed and what a stellar role model by which to follow!!! I hope you enjoy these images as much as we did in making them. Have a lovely weekend.

Hunter Valley Wedding: Stephanie + Nadav

I met Stephanie and Nadav at a previous wedding I shot where Stephanie was a bridesmaid. Little did I know we would cross paths again when one day I get contacted by Stephanie's sister Justine, looking to gift her an engagement shoot as a present. 

I assumed I did something right as while dragging them through the ordeals of our Blue Mountains shoot I joked about dying while no doubt perched precariously somewhere, they asked me to try and stay alive for their wedding and that was that.

The wedding was set in the picturesque Hunter Valley region with the ceremony taking place at a church near by and reception at the stunning Bistro Molines. The ladies spent the night before at a little guest house on the same property as the reception venue. It had a lovely homely feel and overlooked the sweeping vineyards that surrounded it. One would be forgiven for thinking you were in the south of France or Tuscany. 

Stephanie was her usual calm and casual self which is fairly different from the war zone you would imagine for the morning of a wedding. Well rested and ready for the day to come. I guess dealing with class room of little personalities prepares you for pretty much anything. Stephanie looked extra stunning in her intricately sequined gown looking like she just stepped off a runway in Milan.

David, my second shooter arrived to find the groom in much the same state. In his stylish suit Nadav was still cracking a jokes and putting smiles on the face of those around him seemingly not phased by the day ahead.

Looking at them, you can see why they work so well. Such lovely good natured people, always ready to laugh and embrace what ever comes. Meeting their friends and family you can see this extends to the circle around them and that same atmosphere of love made the day feel all the more special.

It was a perfect way to cap off the year and I know I've said it numerous times already but both I and David were so grateful to be part of the amazing day. Sometimes it feels like work and there are those days where you just feel like you are witnessing friends write that next chapter. 

Central Coast Engagement Shoot: Ben & Sara Jane

Wangi Wangi is not a place I have previously visited or heard of in all honestly but when Sara Jane asked if we could do her pre-wedding shoot there I was more than happy to say yes!

As someone who has his adventurous stats on max the thought of shooting somewhere new excites me. The added benefit is if it is somewhere special to the couple, they are often more comfortable and able to draw on familiar sense memories which add to the impact of images.

Ben is a towering gentle giant who exudes friendliness. Sara Jane is confident yet down to Earth and utterly lovely. They made for great company and tour guides as we explored their old stomping grounds and made these images.

Hopefully I managed to capture the love these two share and the beauty of this little gem that is Wangi Wangi

Sydney Wedding Photography: Jack + Tina

We recently had the pleasure of covering Jack and Tina's special day. It was quite a different experience as it was definitely not what one would describe as a traditional Asian wedding.

Tina and Jack take the idea of laid back to a whole new level. From the first meeting it was very clearly established that they were not too fussed about traditions and quite intent on having a day they would enjoy. 

So the traditional tea ceremony did not make the cut instead we had a long location session which allowed me to take the group on a sight seeing tour of the Royal National Park instead making for the less than regular backdrop for our photos.

They were an awesome group to spend the day with and as you can hopefully see a lot of fun and mischief was had.